STYLE Q&A: Allison Volk, Johnny Depp’s “Lone Ranger” Co-Star

Allison was “Jane” in a big Johnny Depp movie last summer, The Lone Ranger.


What are you wearing today?

“Flower print jeans from Bebe, a white tank top, and beaded sandals. Just relaxing at home today!”

What are your favourite clothes?

“I like to wear classic cuts that show off my figure. When I know I’m going to be photographed, I want something that accentuates my waist and shows off my legs – so tight around the top and middle, and always heels! I also like to keep things pretty simple and then have a few accents.”

What are your favourite accessories?

“Shoes and purses are my favourite. I like red shoes, I think I have four pairs of red shoes which is an unusually high number! Sometimes, I like to clip a flower in my hair and then wear simple jewelry.”


What are your favourite brands?

“Bebe fits me really well; it’s one of my favourites. Sometimes, their skirts are way too short for me, but they have a lot of great stuff that’s appropriate for working but still shows off my assets.”


How do you adapt your fashion according to your life?

“I try to wear what will make me feel comfortable in the given situation and always be slightly overdressed. For instance, if I know I’ll be walking through a fancy hotel, I’ll make sure to wear something that’s slightly more dressy than the atmosphere. That makes me feel better than if I walked through the hotel in sweats. I’m not sure why.”




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