The Christmas 2013 Food Drive from Rowville Community Kitchen

Every so often, great food has a charitable side.

“There is nothing better than presenting your family or guests with your own creation,” says Christine Smith, founder and director of Rowville Community Kitchen. “Our Slice of Christmas cheer utilised rescued foods with the exception of the ice cream.”


Yes, there was chocolate cake. “This dessert cost just 40cents per serving, using rescued food. The cost if you bought all ingredients was AU$1 per serve!”

Ms. Smith is talking about the charity’s drive delivering holiday food to families in need in Rowville, just 30 minutes outside of Melbourne. Receiving donations from all the way to Norway, the special holiday dessert was only one of several appetizing delicacies inside each family’s Food Bank Victoria package!

Impressed? On its Facebook page, the group says “The aim is to have fun whilst building work ready and work fit skills that cross to every part of life so that participants become more self sufficient and active in their local community.”

“In our day to day work, the chef and I work with the disadvantaged in our local community in work experience programs assisting them to become work fit and work ready,” she says. “We do this in our kitchen. At the same time, we are teaching them how to best utilise fresh foods that are discounted, therefore not relying on canned and packaged goods that are expensive and contain excessive amounts of sugar and salt.”

Rowville Community Kitchen often works with the Salvation Army. If you are ever in the area or live nearby, inquire about helping out! Their 2014 goal is to help continue spreading awareness of healthy cooking.


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