Kate Middleton, Bad Girl? Meet the Duchess’ US Dress Owner and Love Psychologist

Are any of you readers familiar with the M.I.A. song, “Bad Girls?” In it, she raps, “Live fast, die young / bad girls do it well.” Do they really do it well in everything…and what about love?

Psychologist Dr. Carole Lieberman not only was the U.S. Ambassador for that Kate Middleton dress, she wrote a book about how Ms. Middleton went from unknown girl next door to Duchess Catherine. As Lieberman believes, the future royal used subliminal “bad girl” messages to get Prince William.


How did you get to be the US Ambassador of Kate’s dress, and what did you do as that job?

My book, Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets, came out at the same time as Kate and William got engaged. So, in some of my media interviews,  I would speak of Kate as “the quintessential good girl who used bad girl secrets to catch her prince.” I cited as examples of bad girl secrets, the makeover of herself when schoolmates only  rated her low on the scale of attractiveness, how she reacted to William dumping her by being seen having fun with other guys in clubs and especially her wearing this sexy dress in their college fashion show.

This was the turning point for William. When he saw her in the dress, he turned to his friend and said, “Wow! She’s hot!” Before then, he’d only considered her a platonic friend.
So, when the dress came up for auction some months later, I went to London to bid on it. I wanted to have it for my media interviews and speaking engagements as an illustration of  how women can catch their own prince. As it turned out, I wasn’t the highest bidder on the dress because it went for approximately US $125,000.
But, having become friends with the  dress designer, Charlotte Todd, I suggested that she make a limited edition of replicas of the dress, which she did. She made 500 replicas, and I bought the first 100. As I am the only one  selling this dress in America, I was dubbed “the U.S. Ambassador of Kate’s dress.” People can buy the dress from my website (www.badgirlsbook.com/store) or from me directly at my speaking engagements or media events.

Have you ever tried on the dress? Seriously, it’s something I would do!

I have, indeed, worn the dress – one of the replicas, not the original – and became the life of the party! 🙂

To me, Kate Middleton doesn’t come off like a bad girl but the contrary ― the Queen wouldn’t have allowed her grandson to marry Lindsay Lohan. So why did you say she “used bad girl tricks?”

For my Bad Girls book, I interviewed over 100 men who had been in relationships with bad girls and discovered patterns – things that bad girls do to attract and keep their men – from the way they dress to their lifestyle to the tactics they use to ensnare them.
By “bad girl,” I don’t mean a trashy girl. I mean a girl who had a dysfunctional relationship with her father when she was growing up that made her feel unloveable. These girls are then attracted to bad boys. After they’ve been hurt one too many times by a bad boy, some girls give up on finding their prince, and decide instead to go for a guy they can exploit.
I describe 12 different types of bad girls that I call the Dozen Dangerous Damsels. They range from Gold-Diggers to the Ultimate Damsel in Distress to the Bad Girl Scorned. Kate is not a bad girl. She has a wonderful relationship with her father that has made her feel loveable and like a princess deserving of a prince. But, she did use some of the bad girl secrets to catch her prince.
Bad girls make men feel like the biggest stud on the planet. So, when Kate strutted her stuff down the fashion show runway in the sexy dress, it made Prince William feel like he would be seen as the biggest stud on the planet if he had her on his arm.

Some people at the time in user comments I read under articles felt she should have ditched Prince William when he was acting up. Do you think she should have moved on?

No. I think Kate is ecstatic that, instead of ditching him, she used a bad girl tactic of not sitting home crying, but going out and being seen with other guys. This made the Prince come running back like a puppy dog with his tail between his legs, when he realised that he could lose her to another guy.

All right. What do I do if I want to trap someone as a “bad girl?”

You can find the bad girl secrets to a man’s heart in my book. I don’t try to change good girls into bad girls, but I give good girls the secrets to finding their own prince.

I noticed I attract lots of men I don’t like. When I naturally turn them away and/or make fun of them, they are more interested. What do I do when I do meet someone I want to date? Should I act mean?

It’s not about acting mean necessarily, but it’s about acting cocky and self-confident, like Kate, rather than needy and clingy.

Where do we draw the line from bad girl to train wreck?

There is often a fine line between bad girl and train wreck. For example, one of the types of bad girl I describe is the Addict, like Lindsay Lohan.

Do bad girl tactics work for gay men or gay women too?


Did you come up with the bad girl dating book idea because you are a bad girl?

My first book was Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live with Them and When to Leave Them. And people kept asking me, “When are you going to write about bad girls?” There are  many more bad girls now then ever. But, yes, I call myself a recovering bad girl and have fit into more than one of the categories. 🙂

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