How to Look Like Kate Upton in 3 Short Steps, No Diet Necessary

Remember Keli Lenfield from our post on drinking more water? Here in part two of her three articles on my Life Makeover section, she tells us how to get it model of the moment Kate Upton’s body look.

“Let’s start with the easiest and most obvious of answers. You are unique and therefore need to understand and appreciate how you work and how you feel about yourself.” Tell us more. We need details!

Girls like Kate Upton don’t over restrict their diets – and retain their feminine curves as a result

“The D-word,” or diet, Lenfield says, “just leads to dread, hatred of certain foods, restriction or sacrifice, boredom and billions of dollars to the innovators, marketers and celebrity endorsers.”

“We were all born with a natural eating mechanism. Think about it. Babies eat what their bodies need and then simply throw up what their bodies are rejecting and/or when they have had enough.
Our bodies are VERY clever and we have cravings for a reason.”

Girls like Kate Upton don’t provoke self hatred from body comparisons

She could have compared herself to skinnier models and lost weight. Sure, she could have been a successful though nameless catwalk model. Ms. Upton didn’t lose weight, and she probably never compared herself to other women’s body types.

“When did we stop listening to ourselves and our bodies?” Lenfield asks.

“Why do we (females and more alarmingly so, males) hope to accomplish by comparing ourselves to a completely different human being means leaving our miraculously unique body images behind to try to be someone we literally are not and never will be?”

Finally, girls like Kate Upton follow life’s basic rules to having a hot body

“The answers are as easy as 1 … 2 … 3 …” she says. Besides exercise, she recommends you should do the following:

1. Load up on water.

“Water is the elixir of life. Drink as much as you can each and every day.”

2. Don’t fight your natural body type!

“Educate yourself on your body shape and STOP the comparison merry-go-round.” It’s true: Ms. Upton dresses for her shape rather than forcing her body into a new shape to fit clothing.

3. Never cut out food altogether. We need it.

“Revel in the journey and find your own balance – food is energy (fat and all!) we need it to function and live. Eating what your body can digest and the natural high from any type of exercise leads to a healthier human being with a very positive body image – No D-word required.”


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