Jackie Collins Gives Us Writing Advice For YOU!

Decades and books pass by, but she never stops working hard. We asked Jackie Collins during our interview about tips she has for aspiring literary icons in the making, such as you readers.

Ms. Collins on…how fast should we write? She takes nine months.

 “I think everybody has their own way of doing it. I wrote a script in six weeks. I wrote 10 hours of primetime for NBC. When I write books, I’m not writing solidly for nine months. I’m going out and promoting the previous book. The last year, I want to Australia, England, Holland, Germany, all over the place, and of course, I have to do the promotion in England and the US. Right now, I’m writing a book called The Santangelos.”

How can we convert a novel into a spectacular screenplay, stage production or teleplay? Ever the expert, as she once wrote 10 hours of NBC primetime television, she advises…

“It’s a question of cutting out the descriptive parts and making the scene come alive with the dialogue. Since I write a lot of dialogue in the books, it’s quite easy to transfer it. Locations and dialogue are what makes the screenplay, and tension.”

The age old question: does she use American or UK spellings? She calls both Britain and California home.

“I do American spellings because I’ve lived here for so long. I used to do English spellings, and my editor would correct them. After two books, I said, ‘I should do American spellings.’ I was thrown out of school at 15, anyway.”


READ ABOUT HER NEW BOOK: Confessions of a Wild Child

Jackie Collins has a new book out, and it is especially exciting because it’s a young adult novel! Read our interview at PopGoesTheWeek.com right here. You may feel a little “Lucky.”


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